Can I get pre-release access to the reports?

Yes. If you have registered as a journalist with our media team you can apply to receive embargoed access to the NIDS-CRAM results of each wave. If your application is successful you will receive all reports and information before the launch date, allowing you to incorporate the findings into your publications. In addition to signing an agreement that you will not publish any results before the launch date and time, if this is breached, you and your media house will be excluded from all future media briefings. To apply for media access please complete this form.

Who can I speak to to get comment?

How often will the reports be released?

The NIDS-CRAM data is collected monthly and the standard reports are released in the first two weeks of the following month. The next launch date is 15 July 2020. Other publications and policy briefs will be posted on an ad-hoc basis.


Would you like to be emailed when new CRAM publications are released?

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